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Get a fishing license, you paid a stamp CPMA. This stamp is national, it is not necessary to perform a new on the repurchase of a second fishing license during the year. Since 2011, the Federation is a member of the Union Réciprocitaire Northeast. This membership offers many fishing opportunities in the department but also throughout the country. Overview of key changes.

North East Réciprocitaire Union (URNE) :

It allows all fishermen AAPPMA members to practice on the rivers and lakes of the public and private domain registered in this reciprocity in accordance with local regulations (rules of procedure ...).

Only members of a fishing AAPPMA offering lots in the URNE may acquire a card or a stamp réciprocitaire.

This purchase can be made at the time of card taken with a depository AAPPMA a member of the URNE or site www.cartedepeche.fr AAPPMA from a member :

- In 2020, the Interfederal card for € 100, allows fishing on the entire batch enrolled in the URNE EHGO and CHI in the same conditions that members fishermen AAPPMA Manager course concerned. This card can only be sold by registered AAPPMA with all their batch in the URNE.

- For AAPPMA who have registered some of their lots in the URNE, a reciprocal Urne card, for a price of 100 €, allows fishermen members only access other lots AAPPMA partially in the URNE.

- During the year, an additional option "Interfederal" can be added to a card at € 35 adult price.

Reciprocity on lots AAPPMA enrolled in the URNE, the EHGO and CHI is free for cardholders discovery female minor, discovery or weekly. This reciprocity is not accessible to the holder of a day card.

The 54 Reciprocity


This is a specific departmental system of reciprocity to the Meurthe-et-Moselle. Reciprocity 54 allows all fishermen AAPPMA acceding to fish on all the lots concerned, whether private or public, of 1st or 2nd class. In the closed water AAPPMA Reciprocity 54, the spouse (s) are dispensed (s) to purchase a fishing license.

They can then go fishing respecting the rules of the AAPPMA and the Site.